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Privacy Policy

Ax Car Rentals Network recognize and appreciates the importance of responsible use of personal data collected on this booking engine. Therefore, Ax Car Rentals Network takes great care with personal information, taking steps to keep it secure and ensure it is used only for our legitimate business purposes. Any information which is provided by you to Ax Car Rentals Network will be treated in accordance with the law.
For us to process a booking for you, we require some information from you. This includes your name, nationality, your gender (or the gender of the group you are in), your phone number and email address. Also, we may require your credit or debit card details so we can guarantee your rental vehicle when you pay your rental amount and/or deposit. You consent to Ax Car Rentals Network holding your personal data for the purposes of facilitating vehicle rental on this booking engine and to disclosing your personal data to a rental vehicle provider when you book a rental vehicle from that rental vehicle provider using this booking engine.
We are required to send your information to the rental vehicle provider with which you booked rental vehicle services so that the rental vehicle provider knows who you are and when you will use its rental vehicle services. We give your name, your nationality, your gender (or the gender of the group you are in), your phone number, and of course, the details of your booking. The rental vehicle provider requires this information to accept a confirmed booking from you.
We only use your email address for sending you a confirmation of your bookings or to contact you for any reason directly linked to your booking, or occasionally to inform you of new features on the booking engine. We only use your phone number to contact you urgently if there is a problem with your booking. You have the right to request a copy of the information which we hold about you (for which we may charge you a small fee) and to have inaccuracies in the information corrected.
On occasions, we may supply statistics about our customers to third-parties such as rental vehicle providers or other agents. These statistics never contain personally identifying information.

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